Where can I buy it?

You can buy all of Peaty's Products online here: www.peatysusa.com, or you can find the products in a dealer near you.

If you are a retailer or distributor interested in carrying Peaty's Products, please get in touch here.


How do I seal my tyre?

Let Peaty's co-founder (and Steve Peat Syndicate team rider) Tom Makin talk you through how to fit a new tyre step by step


Peaty's top sealing tips:

- Make sure the tyre and rim are completely clean, dry and clear of any particulates.

- Some tyres are more permeable than others (even between batches from the same manufacturer) so you may witness some seepage through the tyre wall when sealing for the first time. This will stop once the small holes have been plugged, but be sure to top up your sealant levels afterwards.


How much sealant should I use?

This really is down to your personal preference, depending on the level of puncture protection you would like vs weight. 

Our guide measurements are:

- Road Racing 30-40ml

- 26" MTB & 650B 60-80ml

- 700c, eBikes & Cyclocross 50-60ml

- 29" MTB 80-100ml

For best results, first pre-seal the tyre using the guide measurements. After the tyre has successfully sealed, pop the tyre back off the rim, ensure that the inside of the tyre is fully coated and that there is a small mobile pool of sealant at the bottom of the tyre. The larger this pool of sealant is, the better puncture resistance you will have.


Why isn't the packaging biodegradable?

We're always investigating ways to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging and our ultimate aim is to be eventually 100% biodegradable.

Until then, you can reduce waste by re-filling trail pouches directly from the workshop bottle, just make sure the pouch has been rinsed of any old sealant beforehand.


What temperatures can I use the sealant in?

Peaty's Tubeless Sealant has been tested From -15 degrees C to+ 60 degrees C.


What if I get it on my kit?

If you accidentally get the sparkly sealant on your clothes, it should be wiped off immediately with a wet cloth. If some residue remains, soak and wash the clothing before the sealant dries. 


Safety First

Avoid contact with the eyes; avoid prolonged skin contact with the sticky viscous layer inside the tyre; and, do not drink the product.

Peaty's Tubeless Sealant can be removed from the skin with soaps and industrial hand cleaners. If it gets into an eye, wash with copious amounts of clean water and seek medical advice immediately if you're concerned.


Any other questions?

Feel free to get in touch anytime if you have any more questions